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Who We Are

Cornell Creatives is a community that empowers students to pursue the hobbies they love.

Our Mission

Creativity is about exploration, innovation, and freedom. We provide an outlet for students to hone their artistic skills and find an audience for their work. Our goal is to cultivate a community that celebrates creativity and highlights the unique talents that exist on campus. We challenge expectations and in doing so, discover who we can be. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, we want to support you at whatever stage of the creative journey you're at!


How We Started

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Our Team

The makers behind the magic

Katie headshot

Katie is a YouTuber, GO-getter, and tropigal from Manila, Philippines. She loves kimbap and fangirling over YA novels. On campus, she’s part of WICC, DTI, and Forté.

Katie Tracy

Thomas headshot

Thomas is an Arizonian studying CS at Cornell. He's also interested in design, sustainability, finance, and (most importantly) boba.

Thomas Lu

Claire headshot

Claire is a sophomore in A&S studying psychology. She enjoys making videos, organizing events, and connecting people!

Claire Meakem

Kaysie headshot

Kaysie is a software developer, outdoor photographer, and adventure addict from San Francisco. She loves a good chuckle, so tell her a joke if you see her!

Kaysie Yu

Sharon headshot

Sharon is a designer interested in creating inclusive, connective spaces. She enjoys admiring art and nature.

Sharon Li

Trisha headshot

Trisha is a filmmaker, singer and coder. She loves bubble tea as much as she loves all kinds of film, and has been creating her own videos ever since the age of eleven.

Trisha Guttal

Saranya headshot

Saranya is a programmer and dancer. She's been doing Bharatnatyam since the age of 6 and loves choreographing sequences that express themes that she's passionate about.

Saranya Sivaram

Angela headshot

Angela is a freelance photographer from Seattle, Washington who loves to travel and watch old films!

Angela Shi

Arthur headshot

Arthur is a sophomore double majoring in Economics and Biology and is interested in healthcare. He's currently looking to better his guitar and ukulele playing skills.

Arthur Liao

Jocelyn headshot

Jocelyn is a freshman majoring in Communication who loves photography, baking, and rock climbing. She’s part of Forté, Smart Woman Securities, and APO.

Jocelyn Tang

Tomas headshot

Tomas is a sophomore majoring in Information Science. He likes talking about sustainability, watching Fortnite videos, and finding music on SoundCloud.

Tomas Engquist

Allison headshot

Allison is a freshman in ILR who enjoys taking photos with friends and getting creative with her journal and planner.

Allison Eng

Kylie headshot

Kylie is a Midwestern girl surviving Ithaca through writing poetry and drinking tea. The worst days make the best creative work.

Kylie Grinwald

Renee headshot

Renee is a writer, designer, and lover of film photography, advocating for information accessibility! Past technical writer @google.

Renee Hoh

Jacky headshot

Jacky is a sophomore DEA student. He's a photographer and designer, also interested in various kinds of music!

Jacky Lin

Jessie headshot

Jessie is a freshman in Information Science interested in the intersection of data science and art. She loves to visit museums and is a part of Cornell Data Science.

Jessie Lee

Rishabh headshot

Rishabh is an ILRie with a passion for making music and art. He's excited to meet like-minded creative people around Cornell.

Rishabh Sabu

Kush headshot

Kush is a freshman majoring in Information Science who wants to start his own business in the tech space. He's also in a consullting club and loves soccer.

Kush Jain

Joie headshot

Joie is a programmer interested in frontend development and sustainability. She loves cats, food, and traveling.

Joie Ng

Kyle headshot

Kyle is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Twitch Streamer/YouTuber. He’s a Hotelie who’s trying to change the scope of the lodging industry through empathic application.

Kyle Cardone

Ainav headshot

Ainav is a sophomore majoring in Government. She’s a writer and artist, and has an obsession with visiting art museums.

Ainav Rabinowitz

Ardensa headshot

Ardesa is an aspiring product/graphic designer hoping to make positive impact in people’s live. He is interested in branding, marketing, running, and shopping.

Ardensa Cartajona

Nicole headshot

Nicole is ILR ’22 student dabbling in art and writing with a penchant for floral aesthetics and a love for capturing memories.

Nicole Wang

Hank headshot

Hank is a ux/graphic designer by day, hardworking ux/graphic designer by night. Hes also like to compose.

Hank Lin

Ryun headshot

Ryun is an artist and a designer from Long Island, New York. She spends her free time staying at home to doodle, watch movies, or listen to R&B.

Ryun Shim